Lord Nemmerle was Archmage, Warder of the School for Wizards on Roke Island. He has a pet raven and wears white robes.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Nothing is known of Nemmerle's life prior to the events of A Wizard of Earthsea, apart from that he is Gontish [1]

Career at the School for WizardsEdit

He was made Archmage of Roke at some point. When Ged arrived at Thwil looking for him with a letter from Master Ogion about him attending the School, he appeared in the courtyard of the School for Wizards. Ged gave him the letter after bowing to him, but he couldn't read it due to his poor eyesight and asked Ged to read it for him. He later died while fighting the shadow that Ged conjured, and was succeded by Gensher.


  1. In A Wizard of Earthsea chapter "School for Wizards", Jasper remarks about Gontish wizards' predilection for familiars, noting Nemmerle and his raven, amongst others.