Ged, also known by his alias Sparrowhawk, is a wizard who was born at a village on Gont. His true name is Ged, having revealed it to only a select few. He has a boat called Lookfar.


Early life Edit

Ged was born in Ten Alders on Gont. His mother died when he was born. His father was a bronze-smith. One day he saw his aunt, who was a witch, using spells and he tried them out, but some goats chased him. His aunt saw him and decided to teach him more spells. One day, Kargish forces attacked Gont but Ged used magic to cloud the village in mist, which helped to defeat the invaders. The mage Ogion came and took Ged as his apprentice. At the town where Ogion lived, there was a girl who wanted to see some magic, and Ged looked in Ogion's spellbooks for the spell she asked for. This spell released a gebbeth.

The School for WizardsEdit

Ogion caught him and gave him two choices, to go to the School for Wizards on Roke Island, or continue to be his apprentice. Ged went to Roke Island on a ship called Shadow (which was going to Hort Town) and at the school he had a friendship with another apprentice called Vetch and a rivalry with Jasper. He also gained a pet otak by using its true name in the Old Speech. One day, Ged was bragging to Jasper about his great magical power and told him of his power to bring back the dead. Jasper didn't belive him and told him to prove his ability. Out of his own foolish arrogance, he accepted. To show the he was not lying, Ged ressurected the lady Elfarron. When he had brought her back though, he had also released a gebbeth that then attacked Ged. Ged's otak attacked the shadowy gebbeth, and the power of Archmage Nemmerle sent the Gebbeth away temporarily. The large power use eventually killed the archmage.

Searching for the shadowEdit

Ged was sent to Low Torning by Archmage Gensher, which in Earthsea is unusual given that wizards serve royal courts, where he befriended a boatmaker called Pechvarry. Ged tried to save his dying son one night, but failed. On Pendor, he met the dragon Yevaud and guessed its true name, which he had read about in a book. Ged used the name against him and in doing so, persuaded him to leave the people of Low Torning alone.

Later lifeEdit

Ged met Tenar, the high priestess. They escaped with the magical object known as the Ring of Erreth Akbe. Ged was also made Archmage of Roke Island. Later, Ged noticed that magic was losing its power. Together, he and Arren, a prince of Enlad, travelled to see what was causing it. Ged spent his powers during the attack, and went to live with Tenar on Gont.

in the upcoming Broadway musical, the role will be played by Kyle Dean Massey.

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